The Lesser of Two Evils

This made me so happy.  It’s like a glorious little game of “Who Should I Hate More?”

To my left is Michael Bay, who I used to think was the world’s shittiest director.  Then, I discovered Matthew Barney (who I’ll count as a director for his horrible forays into art-films) and McG, both of whom suck infinitely more than MB.  I actually enjoy MB’s movies (I’m a total sucker for mindless action), but I’m stubborn and feel the need to cling to my thirteen-year dislike for him for the sake of consistency.  

To my right is Megan Fox, world’s dumbest woman.  Nothing she says makes sense, and when she does manage to string a few words together properly, it’s usually pretty offensive.  But not offensive in a fun “best team name at trivia” kind of way; offensive in a “I’m rock stupid and really don’t get it” kind of way.  

I think I have to give this round to Megan Fox, if only for the pyramid quote.  I also re-watched “The Rock” late last night and was so into it that I’ll give Michael Bay a bye for today.

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