A Self-Meccanization…(And a Cheap Ploy for Facebook Likes)

A few weeks ago, I joked with a friend who commented on (i.e. mocked) my increased activity on Facebook that my self image was in part predicated upon how many people like my Facebook statuses. I was entirely kidding. At the time.

Today, I entered an entirely new realm of lame. And for the girl who chortled and asked “Are you going to test me for Coke?” when Pepsi told her there would be a drug test before starting her internship, that is saying a lot.

I posted a status on Facebook…and nobody liked it. Nobody commented. There was no welcoming little red “1” that popped up on the earth icon to indicate that anyone who subscribes to my feed thought I was funny or cool.

Yup…I just equated my Facebook status message being funny or cool to me being funny or cool. And what’s worse — I cared. I actually found myself re-reading my status and wondering what I should have said differently to make people like it. If ever there were someone to be Meccanized, it is me. Right now. RIGHT NOW.

It’s bad enough that I get so irate about my lack of Foursquare mayorships. With all I’ve managed to accomplish (I taught myself to juggle, dammit! I hunted down Mick Jagger!), have I really been sucked into the social media vortex so deeply that any part of my self-confidence can be impacted by Facebook “likes?”

I can’t be alone here (TELL ME I’M NOT ALONE HERE), and I am sure there is plenty of new psychology research that indicates this is an ever-growing phenomenon. I hope to avoid being a part of it, though. I think Facebook is too useful a tool to give up (i.e. I am hopelessly addicted to it), but I do not want to be the sort of user who lives and dies by others’ likes. I am writing this post so that every time I log-in and face a dearth of little red 1’s, I can remember how silly I felt yearning for virtual validation.

Of course, if I post this to Facebook, please, please like the link!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

     I recommend reading http://www.narcissismepidemic.com/. While some of it comes across as “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail,” the overall message and evidence is apparent.

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