A Shift in Direction

A friend passed this along to me this morning (and I subsequently saw it all over the news).

Now, I could Meccanize the lift attendants, who didn’t bother to make sure that this guy’s chair was in the proper lowered position or the obnoxious a-holes on the ground who decided it was the right thing to do to take pictures.

But rather than Meccanizing for the sake of Meccanizing, I’ve decided that Meccanized.com isn’t just for things that piss me off.  There are certainly plenty, and I will not hesitate to Meccanize something when I deem it worthy of that lofty title.

This site is also for flagging life’s little absurdities, of which this delightful fare is one.   Sometimes the universe just orchestrates an amazing, perfect and precariously balanced chain of events, and those times should be honored… by me… on my blog.

Consider this, the pantsless, dangling ski-lift guy, as the personification of Meccanized’s evolution in the new year.

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