It Don’t Matter if You’re Black or White…or Does It?

You know what else really grinds my gears? Pigeons.

Rats of the sky.

They are fighting outside of my office window right now, and the thwacking their dirty, feathery bodies make as they knock into the glass is pushing me closer and closer to tangible fury.

What bugs me, more, though is the elitism that some pigeons seem to feel over others. There is this one black and white pigeon that I’ve seen around these haunts quite a bit. He’s (or she’s…how can you tell?) is actually kind of endearing — he waddles around a little when he walks, I think because he has something wrong with one of his feet, and he carries himself with a quiet confidence that you don’t find in…pigeons…often.

Anyway, routinely this little guy seems to be left out of the pigeon fun; the other pigeon bullies ignore him and whenever he flaps himself over to where they are perched, they fly away. Who do they think they are?

Asshat pigeons who exclude one semi-endearing pigeon: You’ve been Meccanized.

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  • http://shellysperceptions.blogspot.com/ Shelly

    are you doing any PR at work?! or just creepily monitoring the pigeons?!

  • Lindsay

    Are you doing any work?! Or just commenting on my blog?!

  • http://shellysperceptions.blogspot.com/ Shelly

    touche…or touchy

  • ilena

    what about those pigeons outside your window at 1892 market? those dirty sexy pigeons.

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