More Laundromat Fun

I think people show their true colors in laundromats.

I, for example, despite feeling under the weather, gave up my seat for a woman with a cane.  Because I am awesome.

But for every sweet, there’s a sour.  Another woman, we’ll call her “Selfish Bimbo With No Soul,” decided that she was entitled to use 7 dryers for her laundry.  7 dryers in a laundromat with only 12 dryers total, 5 of which were already being used.

This was annoying in and of itself, but, to make matters worse, she only put a few items in each dryer.   Apparently, in her mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to waste enough energy to power a small country and make everyone else cool their heels so that one pillowcase doesn’t need to be dried next to the other.

As I waited – standing no less – I had a lovely daydream of hearing the roar of her 7 dryers buzzing “off” simultaneously, running over and dumping all of her clothes onto the dirty laundromat floor in an act of defiance.  Of course, I’m not that kind of person.  Instead, I emptied just the one dryer I needed — a pair of sweatpants, a blanket and some socks.  And while I am above throwing other people’s things on the floor, I am definitely below smushing them together so they are good and rumpled.  It’s the small victories…

Selfish,  inconsiderate, wasteful and Meccanized.

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  • Ray

    Awesome. I need to buy a book from you.

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