Sometimes the Universe Just Kicks You While You are Down

Or, perhaps less dramatically put:

Sickness grinds my gears.

I was super pumped to go to Kirkwood and finally learn to ski (though I am beginning to think the Universe doesn’t want me to learn to ski, given that every time I have had a trip lined up something always has come up), and instead I am lying on my couch with a 103 degree fever and a throbbing headache.

If I sound bitter … well, that’s because I am.  I look like the belle of the ball right now, too (If I sound sarcastic …).  Frizzy hair, old sweatshirt, ski socks (oh, the irony) — woah, stand back, gentlemen!

Ah, well.  I don’t wear bitterness particularly well, so I will leave you, dear readers, with this: illness of indeterminate cause, you are Meccanized.

Also, donations of soup, movies, and TLC are accepted/appreciated:)

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