The Word of the Law vs. The Spirit of the Law

I’ve never been one of those “rules are made to be broken” types, and I understand that sometimes it is necessary to follow rules to a T. You bet your butt I’m the first person to turn off my electronics before takeoff and landing, and I return my library books on time. However, I think there is a time and a place for thinking for oneself even in the face of rules.  That time was this week, and that place was a Bank of America in Tampa.

As a former B of A patron myself (’twas a glorious year where I flirted with the cute bank teller each month when I went to deposit my rent checks into our apartment’s joint account), I am very familiar with their regulations and requirements.  That said, I’m pretty sure having no real thumbs (by way of having no arms) is just about the best possible excuse for not being able to provide a fingerprint.

This guy’s life is likely challenging enough without having some mid-level staffer hassle him about fingerprints after he was clearly able to prove his identity.  And I know, I know, it’s a dangerous precedent to set to say that “differently abeled” (urge…to…make…offensive comment…so…strong…) should get special treatment, but it’s not like he was asking for a unicorn. He proved his identity — all he asked was for someone to think for himself and realize that sometimes the word of the law fits a little too snuggly for comfort.

I bet my cute B of A teller would have let an armless man cash a check.

B of A, Meccanized.

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