Are You Not Entertained?

When I first moved to SF, I was a victim of a bird attack.  

A vicious little Magpie flew into me, dug its little Magpie claws into my head and pecked me with its little Magpie beak, drawing blood.  Painful and embarrassing .  

When I called the urgent care center to ask if I needed to get any shots in the wake of the avian assault, a doctor informed me that during the Spring, Magpies often get territorial and attack “dogs and other small animals” that get too close to their nests.  I waited for the doctor to add “and humans” to his list of Magpie targets, but, sadly, he did not.  Painful and embarrassing, part 2.

For the past two days, a Magpie has been attacking unsuspecting pedestrians outside of my office building.  CNN even aired video footage this morning.

Here is where Meccanization comes in.  Instead of offering warning, people in the know simply stand around taking pictures on their cell phone cameras, pointing and laughing.  Knowing the emotional scars that accompany being dive-bombed by a bird in public, I feel the need to Meccanize the dozens of people who are standing outside right now, waiting to be entertained by these violent encounters.  

Then again, maybe it is just human nature, and can I really Meccanize that?  Thousands of years ago, it was the Romans being entertained by gladiators fighting to the death.  (I learned a lot from Russell Crowe.)  Today, it is a bunch of suit-clad corporate types giggling like children  as their peers are harassed by a bird.  Is this just a modern manifestation of an ever-present cultural affinity for violence and humiliation?  My pretentious meter just spiked big time, but it’s an interesting question.

Meccanizable or not, yesterday I had a ‘Nam-quality flashback of that horrifying day two years ago when I was pecked outside of Safeway.  And I will continue to walk 2 blocks out of my way every day to get to my office until these senseless attacks stop.

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