I’ve been thinking a lot lately about timing (which I have Meccanized over and over again pretty much for my whole life).

This past week in particular, there has been a lot of timing snafus — I’ve felt like Little Bobby Buttons (i.e. Benjamin Button, for those of you who aren’t a certain industry analyst who misnamed the movie) fairly frequently. Some good (narrowly avoiding getting rained on because I opted to sprint across the crosswalk rather than wait for the next light, thereby making into my office building before it started pouring) some less than good (more just-missed busses than I care to admit, hearing things in the present that I wish I had heard years ago).

It’s sad to think how many things don’t happen or don’t work out because of a few ticks around a clockface. Then again, it makes the things that do work out that much more special, because you appreciate how close you could have come to never experiencing them at all.

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