Who Killed Rosie Larson?

Until about 10 minutes ago, the answer to that question was a mystery. Given that I am only halfway through Season 1 of “The Killing,” I was hoping it would remain a mystery until I made it to the finale of Season 2, when the big reveal would…well, reveal itself.

But. No.

I watch TV on my iPhone while I exercise – thank God for unlimited data plans — and I tend to get pretty emotionally invested in my stories; I’m still reeling from Edgar’s untimely demise on 24 – the silent clocks ticks forever for you, my friend. I started The Killing a few weeks ago and have been happily mulling over my own theories and questions since then, as well as fighting off a growing depression from watching hour after hour of the gray, ambient misery mist that envelops Seattle.

Anyway, I was on the treadmill, watching Holder do his thing, and I took my headphones off for a second. “Is that the Killing?” asked the guy on the machine next to me. He looked like a younger version of The Governor on “The Walking Dead,” so of course I liked him immediately.

My exact response was “Yeah, I just started – I’m a few episodes into season 1.”

You’d think that “Yeah, I just started” combined with “I’m a few episode into season 1” would be a clear indication that I had not in fact finished the show and that I did not in fact know who did The Killing’s killing.

To my treadmilling friend, however, it apparently was an invitation to blurt out “Oh, man, I can’t believe how it ended! I never would have guessed it was BLEEEEEEP.” (That’s me censoring in order to save anyone reading this from enduring the same spoiler I just experienced.)

I never would have guessed it either. Because I hadn’t even met one of the characters he mentioned. And the ones I had met had given me no reason to assume that they might be killers. And now I don’t even need to guess. That’s what happens when someone tells you something.

Sigh. Maybe this is karma for that time I spilled the beans on Boone dying. And on who killed Laura Palmer. And on the Season 2 finale of Boardwalk Empire. Actually, I really don’t have any right to complain, do I?

Still…annoying. Meccanized.

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